When it comes to world class strikers, Zlatan Ibrahimovic certainly knows what it takes, and the Swede chooses Kylian Mbappe above all else.

The AC Milan striker faces a crucial fixture against Napoli in  Serie A this weekend, with Zlatan’s side sitting second in the table behind city rivals Inter.

“I like elegant players, as complete as possible. But when you’re soccer or football player, you can see the way they think, the way they move, the way they do it,” Ibrahimovic told CBS Sports.

“I like those players that predict things before it happens.”

Mbappe or Ronaldo?

The 40-year-old went as far as to compare Mbappe to another former inter striker, Ronaldo Nazario.

“I think Mbappe is a reminder of Ronaldo the Fenomeno. He’s very elegant in his game,” Ibrahimovic explained.

Compared with Haaland

Many others say that the future will be defined by Mbappe and another young forward, Erling Haaland.

“I mean, you have all the other big players but when we talk about young players, we talk Haaland,” Zlatan recognised.

“Haaland is good because I think he’s obsessed with goals, and he’s not doing more than he needs to do, so you’re only focusing on goals.

“That is also what you can see in a player because you have some players that think they can do more than what they are able to do. That is not intelligence.

“In Haaland, I see this intelligence, he just wants to score goals and he knows he can score goals and he’s only trying to do that.”

Haaland has scored 19 goals in 15 clubs games this season, while Mbappe has 13 goals from 23 appearances, and veteran Ibrahimovic has scored seven in 14.