Joan Laporta and Ronald Koeman’s relationship is a difficult one to judge, although what is abundantly clear is the Dutch coach wasn’t Laporta’s first choice to be coach of  Barcelona, and Koeman has revealed that in June Laporta told him that the club were going to look for other options.

Koeman was the final coaching appointment made by the Bartomeu administration, and that has undoubtedly counted against him moving forward.

“Laporta said that he needed two or three weeks to find a new coach,” Rob Jansen explained in the documentary entitled ‘Forca Koeman’.

“It was a crazy decision, based on nothing, based on only his [Laporta’s] feelings. I didn’t speak to Laporta again, but fortunately the people around him contributed to Koeman staying.”

The coach himself also gave his own version of events to the documentary crew, declaring that his relationship with Laporta had always been positive.

“We had always gotten along well, then the president tells me that he still has doubts and that he needs more time to look for other coaching options,” Koeman explained.

“The president is the president and he is there to make decisions, I told him to tell me that I wasn’t good enough to coach the team so we could end the story right there.

“I told him to fire me if he didn’t want me, but don’t leave me with this uncertainty telling me you were going to go out and look for other options.”