Behind the spectacular business from Real Madrid have carried out in regards to Raphael Varane lies the figure of Zinedine Zidane. Two months after announcing his third goodbye to Los Blancos, Zidane continues to give joy to the club. Zidane recommended the signing to Real Madrid when Varane was 18 years old, with Los Blancos signing for just 10m euros from Lens. The rest is history.

It is a story that ends with Madrid pocketing 50m euros, which is more than a good enough reason to thank Zidane 50 million times for the eye he had at the time. Varane leaves behind a fortune and 18 titles, 12 of them with Zidane as coach.

Zidane brought him to Madrid and was largely the reason for his departure, too. When Zidane announced his most recent departure, Varane seemed to hint that he would seriously consider his future.

“Zidane’s departure is strange to me,” Varane said at the first press conference with France at Euro 2020.

The fact is that Varane has left as he arrived, without making a sound. He resisted turning his decision into a soap opera, not forcing himself out of the club. With Madrid’s permission, he agreed his contract with Manchester United and left the final agreement in the hands of the clubs while he trained at Valdebebas.

Varane leaves in 2021, but he could’ve left much earlier, because the Frenchman had long been restless in this sense. He did not like the time it took to be regarded indisputable at Real Madrid and that gave rise to his first ‘escape plan’, already with United lurking. Then another attempt would come that was solved by Zidane, who convinced him to continue making history at Madrid. Sergio Ramos’ presence meant that Varane was undervalued.

Now Varane has felt not only the need to secure a good contract, but also the need for a change of scenery because he believes that his cycle has concluded.

United have offered him a spectacular project that he wanted to join because he felt that the Madrid to which he belonged, under Zidane, or with Cristiano Ronaldo and Ramos, no longer existed. Madrid thanked him for everything in his statement, which should be extended to Zidane. Thanks a million, or 50 million.